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Adding a Becker manoeuvring system provides positive results to the handling characteristics of any vessel. To get the most out of this benefit Becker offers Manoeuvring Training that allows captains to understand the difference of these systems over standard rudders.

These courses can be tailored to the needs of the customer and can be set up for large groups or one on one. Basic courses focus on emergency manoeuvres, berthing, un-berthing, crabbing and optimised course keeping. With the mastery of these concepts your captains will gain added confidence and ensure safe operations of the vessel.


We also offer our manoeuvring training course as a simulation which offers the opportunity to compare the performance of different rudders on the same ship with unchanged conditions. Various ship types (e.g. twin screw ferries, tankers, container vessels, etc.) are already available as digital models and can be modified to simulate the performance of a Becker rudder based on our CFD calculations. It is of course also possible to generate a simulated vessel based on your own data. Your captain’s knowledge can be improved in a safe environment.


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