Becker Schilling® Rudder

The Becker Schilling® Rudder is a high-lift rudder with a specially developed fishtail profile offering improved manoeuvrability for vessels of all sizes and types. With its special design the Becker Schilling® combines the highest lateral forces with the best course stability. The rudder forces optimised by the fishtail design guarantee improved safety and efficiency.

It is available as a full spade rudder with optional KSR (King Support Rudder). Combined with a steering gear which is suitable for higher rudder angles, the Becker Schilling® can be used for all kinds of vessels operating in DP mode. Due to its specific design, the Becker Schilling® has no wear and tear parts, which also minimises servicing and maintenance costs.


SA (Heel Pintle Rudder)

SC (Full Spade Rudder)

King Support Rudder

Rudder Bulb

Twisted Trailing Edge

Becker Bearing Monitoring System

Becker Intelligent Monitoring System

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Especially suited for:

  • Shuttle tankers
  • General cargo/Heavy lifters
  • AHTS
  • Push boats
  • Research vessels
  • Fishing vessels
  • Dredgers


  • Optimised profile
  • Reduced weight
  • No cast parts
  • Highest possible lift
  • Crabbing
  • Improved course keeping
  • DP functionality
  • Reduced tug assistance
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Best propeller coverage

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