Becker LNG Hybrid Barge

Becker Marine Systems developed the advanced LNG Hybrid Barge, an innovative solution for improving air quality at harbour cities by reducing emissions from cruise ships at port. The Becker LNG Hybrid Barge produces significantly lower emissions than the diesel engines used to generate power on board cruise ships.

The Becker LNG Hybrid Barge has been shown to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% and NOX by 80% with no particulates or sulfur emissions whatsoever. Designed as a flexible and mobile solution, the barge supplies power to cruise ships during the summer season and is able to operate as a floating power and heat plant in the winter.

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Classified as a seagoing vessel, the world’s first Becker LNG Hybrid Barge in operation at the port of Hamburg is 76.0 m long, 11.4 m wide with a draught of 2.5 m. It is equipped with modular, silently operating 7.5 MW LNG GenSet power plants fuelled by two 17 t LNG containers.

Visit the HPE Hybrid Port Energy website for more


Above: Comparsion with other supply techniques.

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Especially suited for:

  • Cruise liners


  • Cold ironing customised for cruise ships
  • Significant reduction of harmful emissions
  • Silent operation
  • Guaranteed independent power supply
  • 100% maritime solution
  • In line with energy laws – no state taxes, grid fees etc.
  • Mobility and flexibility – multi-customer concept

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