COBRA Compact Battery Rack

By significantly lowering fuel consumption, maintenance costs and emissions, batter­ies for hybrid power supply, storage and main propulsion provide extraordinary benefits. With improved capacity-to-weight ratio from lithium-ion technology and growing demand for lower emissions, batteries have become an ever-increasingly attractive option for the large-scale supply of energy in the maritime sector.

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COBRA is an advanced concept employing tried and tested LFP lithium-ion cell technology and taking the special requirements of maritime operation and classification into account. Any scale of power storage is available by freely configuring modular units in standardised racks of up to 1,000 V DC including an efficient water cooling and a battery management system.

The Compact Battery Racks are being assembled and tested in their own newly built production facility near the Hamburg headquarters of Becker Marine Systems.

COBRA provides a robust and reliable modular battery design with battery racks of up to 94 kWh and 1,000 V DC. A battery clusters with up to 10 battery racks and 1 control cabinet provides a capacity of 940 kWh at a length of fewer than 6 meters. The COBRA system is free scalable from a few kWh to several MWh by adding as many battery racks or clusters as required.

High-quality and inherent safe LFP battery cells and a permanent monitoring by battery management system on cell, module and on rack level guarantees the highest standards for safety.

Furthermore, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) is the only chemistry used in Li-Ion batteries that occurs in its chemical composition as a natural mineral. Compared to others, such as NMC or NCA, LFP comes without the heavy-metal cobalt which makes our COBRA System an environmentally friendly and green battery solution.


COBRA properties

  • Highest safety level due to inherent safe LFP battery chemistry
  • Environmentally friendly cobalt-free battery
  • Compact and light-weight battery system with superior energy density
  • Modular rack design with battery racks in different height configurations
  • Free scalable from 33 kWh to several MWh
  • Energy-optimised and power-optimised battery modules with C-Rates of up to 3C and high cycle life
  • Up to 94 kWh and 1,000 V DC per battery rack
  • Battery clusters with up to 10 battery racks and 1 control cabinet
  • Integrated battery management system (BMS)
  • Flexible interface to the power management system (CanBus, ModBus or others)



  • Electric drives
  • Hybrid drives
  • Emergency power supply
  • Peak shaving
  • Hotel load
  • Load leveling
  • Energy storage


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