SA - Heel Pintle Rudder

SA - Heel Pintle Rudder

Becker's SA Heel Pintle Rudders provide smaller vessels all the traditional advantages of Rudder design. For example a Becker Flap Rudder with Heel Pintle is characterised by:

  • Optimum balance and flap area
  • Minimum steering gear size
  • Highest insurance against flexural vibration, best values of natural vibration
  • Rudder angles of 45° and additional 45° of the flap, in special execution rudder angles of 65° and additional 45° flap angle may be applied
  • Easy maintenance of link and hinge system
  • Highest safety against cyclic stresses
  • Durable in ice

Becker Rudders with heel pintle are economic systems for small and low speed vessels. River boats, supply vessels, tugs, fishing boats and research vessels for example are all ideal candidates for a Becker Flap Rudder SA with heel pintle. This design reduces loads on the neck bearing and the rudder carrier.


Above: Becker Flap Rudder with heel pintle.

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