Becker Twister Cup – Championship for model sailing boats.


Becker Marine Systems is the proud initiator of the Twistercup, the official championship of the Ruddertwisters. Amongst the teams competing for the cup are our valued customers E.R. Schiffahrt, Reederei H. Schuldt, Reederei NSB, Rickmers Reederei, Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG, NSC, CMA CGM as well as HSVA (Hamburg Ship Model Basin), IBMV and envise.

The first Twistercup Race was won by Becker Marine Systems' "Föhr", piloted by Becker's Mr. Kuhlmann. Twistercup II was sailed indoor in a towing tank of the Hamburg Model Ship Basin (HSVA) and was won by Mr. Wächter, SDC. Twistercup III was won by the first Twistercup Champion, Becker's Mr. Kuhlmann. Twistercup IV was won by Mr. Guiard from IBMV and Twistercup V by Mr. Schnoor, HSVA. Twistercup VI took place in Scharmbeck, with Mr. Kuhlmann's "Föhr" finishing 1st while Twistercup VII was again dominated by Mr. Schnoor, HSVA. Twistercup VIII was won by Mr. von der Lieth of Oldendorff Carriers. Twistercup IX, X and XI witnessed the victories of the now three-in-a-row champion Mr. Schnoor, HSVA. The last Twistercup XII was won by Mr. Wächter, SDC.

The Twistercup races are held by remote controlled model sailboats of the Ruddertwister Class. The boats are 61 cm in length, have a height of 87 cm (mast from deck to top) and a draught of 20 cm. The skipper controls the rudder (of course!) and one sheet for both sails

Twistercup XIII:
11th June 2016 at Becker Marine Systems' head office

Twister Cup Website – more details, results and pictures!