Our children are our future.


It is not just a motto, but a culture which needs to be lived. Children must have the chance to play, learn and broaden their understanding. Living in the beautiful city of Hamburg means living in close proximity to the port and its ships. But how do ships work, and why do the different types look the way they do?

To bring this important topic closer to the school children, Becker arranged for a ship model to be placed in the playground of Iserbarg Primary School in Hamburg. The model is a 7-m long 'miniature' of an oil tanker which today sails the seven seas, and was generously donated by the HSVA (Hamburgische Schiffbau Versuchsanstalt) following its prior use to research optimisation of the hull shape and minimise environmantal stresses on ships. Only moments after being installed in the school playground it became the centre of attention for the children, and is now crossing their fantasy oceans.

Becker strives to give young people opportunities to begin their advancement in the professional world. Presently seven apprentices and trainees are being trained in the company, and several advanced education schemes are being offered to existing staff.