1976: Flap Rudder for "Poseidon" Research Vessel.


The Institut für Meereskunde (Institute of Marine Sciences) in Kiel has been using the Poseidon research vessel since 1976. At that time the ship represented the state-of-the-art in shipbuilding and marine equipment development. Poseidon is 60.80 m long and has a beam of 11,40 m. She has a maximum speed of 12.5 kn.

The ship has a standing crew of 18 plus space for 12 scientists, who have 5 labs fully equipped for research along with GPS, Inmarsat and email. The main areas of research undertaken are in the fields of physical and chemical oceanography, maritime meteorology and maritime geology. The Poseidon is employed mainly in the North Atlantic, in the Norwegian Sea and occasionally in the Mediterranean. To ensure optimum execution of scientific tasks, the ship is equipped with a large number of special devices, for example, a swivelling stern gallows that is suitable for cargo of 5 metric tonnes, 2 cranes, 7 winches, as well as a multi-use compact echo sounder system with sediment sonar. In the 1980s the ship was refurbished so that it can also be used in the deep sea areas of the Atlantic.

“The ship has certainly proven its worth” says Prof. Kortum from the Institute of Marine Sciences in Kiel. The ship’s Becker flap rudder has proved reliable and trouble-free throughout the ship’s life.